4 Signs a Rental’s Chimney Needs Repairs

Chimneys are an important part of any home that has a fireplace. They provide a safe way for smoke and harmful gases to escape while also adding beauty to the home. As a rental property owner, this means you’ll want to keep the chimney in great shape. So, here are four signs that a rental’s chimney needs repairs and why you should call Basic Construction for all your masonry needs.

4 Signs a Rental's Chimney Needs Repairs

1. Damaged Mortar

The first sign that a chimney needs repairs is the condition of the mortar. If you notice that the mortar between the bricks is starting to crumble or fall out, it’s time to fix it. Damaged mortar causes bricks to loosen and fall, leading to structural damage to the home. It can also be a safety hazard to your tenants if left alone.

2. Chimney Cap Damage

The chimney cap is the protective cover on top of the chimney. It prevents debris, water, and animals from getting inside. If the cap has cracks or is damaged, it’s time to replace it. A damaged chimney cap can also allow water to seep in, leading to mold, mildew, and other issues. It’s just best to have this replaced sooner rather than later.

3. White Stains on the Chimney Stack

Efflorescence is a common problem with chimneys, and it’s a sign that a chimney needs repairs. If you notice white stains on the chimney, it’s due to the buildup of minerals and salts. This can cause damage to the flue and other components of the stack. Thankfully, Basic Construction’s team can assess the extent of the damage and provide repairs.

4. Brick Spalling

If the bricks on the chimney are cracking, chipping, or flaking, it’s a sign of spalling. This is usually caused by water damage, leading to a dangerous chimney collapse if left unattended. Depending on the extent of the damage, the chimney may need to be completely redone, and you’ll want a professional team on your side.

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